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With cycles challenges in Europe and Worldwide it's time to get on your bike!

London to Paris

Connect two of the world's most chic capital cities as you embark on the charity bike ride challenge of a lifetime.

London to Paris
Tour de France

Connect these two amazing cities whilst taking in the worlds premier bicycle race.

London To

Cycle from the heart of the UK to Amsterdam via the beautiful city of Bruges on this amazing charity bike ride challenge of a lifetime.

Cycle to
Angkor Wat

The Vietnam to Cambodia Cycle is the perfect challenge for any adventurer. From Vietnam's bustling Ho Chi Minh City to the serene temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the route has its fair share of charm.

To Lille Cycle

A fantastic weekend get-away for any cyclist! This route passes through rural British countryside and past quaint French villages and historic battlefields of WW1 before reaching the wonderful city of Lille.


Ride through beautiful southern Spanish countryside, tackle some tough climbs and pass through many of the famous White Towns of Andalusia.

Archie Foundation
China Trek 2018

For a country with the biggest population in the world China remains largely untouched by the West and now is your opportunity to discover it's hidden charms.

Keech Hospice
Trek 2018

A challenging trek through ancient forests, breath taking valleys and beautiful meadows. Your efforts are rewarded with spectacular mountain views of the Transylvanian Alps as well as an unforgettable visit to Dracula’s Castle!

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