Worldwide Charity Treks

Air Taxes and Charges

We pride ourselves at Skyline on being transparent when it comes to the pricing of our events, we have no hidden costs! Some companies choose not to include the air taxes or fuel surcharges when pricing their challenges which means that you, the individual, are left with a hefty bill to pay just before you leave for your adventure. Something you shouldn't have to worry about when you should be excited about your challenge ahead!

We at Skyline have chosen to absorb these costs into the price of your challenge and be up front about it so there are no surprises. This might mean that on the face of it we look more expensive than some of our competitors but you can be sure that the price we are advertising your challenge at now is the price you or your charity will pay. In fact the only exception to this rule is when there is a movement in currency or we make an unexpected saving and we quite rightly pass this back onto you and your charity by reducing the tour costs and in turn the sponsorship level (*South Africa Trek 2012 tour costs reduced by £200 December 2011).

Air taxes & fuel surcharges can be as much as £450 yet this is indicated to the tour operator at the time of booking so there should be no reason why this is not included in the initial costings and therefore should not be passed onto you later.

We intend to be as up-front about our costings as possible but if you have any questions please just call us in the office on 020 7424 5511 and when comparing prices remember to ensure that all air taxes and fuel are included to avoid getting caught out at a later date.

Skyline Events are acting as agents for the tour operator (ATOL number 10069)

Charity Treks

31st May - 1st June 3 Peaks
27th - 29th June 2014 Ben Nevis
2nd - 6th July 2014 Iceland Trek
12th - 13th July 2014 3 Peaks
4th - 13th September 2014 China Trek
13th - 14th September 3 Peaks
8th - 12th October 2014 Petra Trek
16th - 25th October 2014 Vietnam Trek
30th October - 8th November 2014 Peru Trek
18th - 27th February 2015 Kilimanjaro Trek
7th-15th March 2015 Sahara Trek

Charity Cycle Rides

18th - 22nd June 2014 London to Paris Cycle
9th - 13th July 2014 London to Paris Cycle
13th - 17th August 2014 London to Paris Cycle
27th - 31st August 2014 3 Cities Cycle
7th September 2014 London to Brighton Cycle
29th October - 10th November 2014 Vietnam Cycle