Bespoke Overseas Events

In our experience it has shown that most charities should push less risky open events however there are instances when a bespoke event can work. For example if you are looking to increase your profile, celebrate an anniversary, have a special corporate contact or simply to make more substantial income.

Read our bespoke event case studies:

So if you are thinking of running a bespoke to find out if you should or whether you should go the open route contact our overseas manager Sally Woodford now on or 0207 424 5535

Charity Treks

29th May - 31st May 2015 3 Peaks
1st - 5th July 2015 Iceland Trek
10th - 19th September 2015 China Trek
30th September - 4th October 2015 Morocco Trek
7th - 11th October 2015 Petra Trek
8th - 18th October 2015 Kilimanjaro Trek
5th-13th March 2016 Sahara Trek

Charity Cycle Rides

27th May - 31st May 2015 3 Cities Cycle
11th - 14th June 2015 London to Paris 3 Day Cycle
15th - 19th July 2015 London to Paris Cycle
6th September 2015 London to Brighton Cycle
29th October - 8th November 2015 Vietnam Cycle