Worldwide Charity Treks


Due to the high level of spam on our forum we have decided to discontinue this function and switch our community to Facebook!

We feel this is a much safer option for our users and we already have over 400 past and present participants ready and waiting to to give you hints, tips and advice. Plus it keeps everyone in the same place so we can contact you all at a moments notice.

To join us simply click the link below and add us as your friend!

Charity Treks

29th June - 3rd July 2016 Iceland Trek
2nd - 11th November 2016 Peru Trek
23rd - 25th September 2016 Ben Nevis
11th - 19th November 2017 Sahara Trek
5th-13th March 2016 Sahara Trek
5th - 9th October 2016 Petra Trek
8th - 17th September 2016 China Trek

Charity Cycle Rides

2nd - 5th June 2016 London to Paris 3 Day Cycle
18th - 22nd May 2016 London to Paris Cycle
19th - 29th October 2017 Vietnam Cycle
11th September 2016 London to Brighton Cycle
20th - 24th July 2016 (Tour de France) London to Paris Cycle
31st August - 4th September 2016 3 Cities Cycle